100k Factory Revolution Review and 22k Bonus

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton just launched 100k Factory Revolution and thousands of online hopefuls are jumping on this new eCommerce opportunity. However, is eCom really the answer? Find out if you have what it takes to get started with 100K Factory in the review below.

Also make sure to check out Brett’s story on how he went from 0 to $30k per month with eCom. Just click below on the play button to watch it now.

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Official Site: 100kfactory.com  Last Chance To Get It
Creators: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Product Name: 100k Factory Revolution Edition

60 Minutes Site Makes $7k+ Per Week?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have done the impossible?  They created a 7 step system that will allow you to create a website that makes $1,000+ per day and takes only 60 minutes to set up.  But don’t take my word for it,  click below to watch it happen live, today only. Pick a time below and get started.

webinarsHowever, this is strictly for the people that attend the free live training. So there will be no replays and don’t share this with others.

To eCom or Not to eCom? That is the question…

ecom 100,000 factoryAt this moment you’re probably asking yourself if eCom is for you? Don’t worry, I was asking that myself 6 months ago as well. When I think of eCommerce I think of huge stores like Amazon or Overstock.  However, that’s only a small part of the eCommerce.  There are actually millions of small to mid size online stores sharing $1.6 Trillion dollar pie.

So as you see you don’t need to be the next Amazon to make it big. In fact, starting a small niche store, or a store that sells specific type of products, has the highest success rate with the least amount of work out.

Why is that?  There are 3 specific reasons why niche specific stores are doing so well.

  1. Having a store with specific products give you instant authority as an expert in that niche.
  2. Marketing to a specific group of people with the same interest is easier and cheaper.
  3. You don’t buy and store your inventory when using a drop-shipper (like they teach 100k Factory)

Let’s say you want to start a store with fishing gear. Inside it you can offer specific rods, reels, baits and etc. that most generic online stores don’t even carry. Who do you think will be more of an authority and an expert of fishing gear?

trillionThe answer is obvious, and the 20.9% growth from 2014 to 2015 of eCommerce market is a great example of this.  No wonder why this is the best time to get into eCommerce.

However, what happens after you start your online store? This is where my 2 reason comes into play about marketing your store. Let’s go back to that fishing gear store example. Do you think it would be easier to promote a generic store with thousands of items, or niche specific one with 50 or less?

Again, the answer is pretty clear. Targeting specific group of people, in this case interested in fishing, is both cheaper and easier. You don’t need to dived your marketing into pieces, or try to appeal to everyone like generic stores. And today with Facebook, Google and other platforms targeting interests or keywords is as easy as typing it into a search box.

Which takes me to my favorite traffic source, the search engines.  What do you do when you want to find something? Chances are you go into Google or Bing and type in exactly what you want. This is what millions of people do everyday to find or buy things online. Now imagine being able to rank on top  Google for your niche related keywords.  This is what my bonus is all about!

Finally, you don’t need to physically own anything you are going to sell. This is huge because it allows you to stock your store with items without having to pay for them before anyone buys. If you’re not familiar with drop shipping here a info graphic.

100k factory Revolution

As you can see it involves only a few steps:

  1. Find a drop-shipping suppliers who has the products you want to sell -Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton give you that inside the course so you don’t even have to do it yourself.
  2. Advertise the supplier’s items on your website – inside 100k Factory Revolution you will learn how to do this step by step. It also includes great ways to get traffic + you’ll get my SEO bonus which is a most.
  3. Place the order with your supplier – this can be done automatic
  4. Let the supplier handle the rest and just repeat the process again.

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My 100k Factory Bonus – Unlimited Free Traffic

100k factory ultra edition bonusIn my opinion, one of the best traffic sources for any eCommerce store is organic search engine traffic. It makes perfect sense as most people search for things before buying.

So why 100K Factory offers full training on how to start your own niche specific store with as little as 4 items and take it to $100k per year of $269 per day in less than two months,  proper SEO can double or triple that results.

The only problem is that proper search engine is both time consuming and costly. For example I would charger $2,000 and up to rank an eCommerce store.  However, if you buy 100k Factory using any of the links on this site (including THIS) I’ll do your store SEO for a full year and no charge as a bonus.

That is over $24,000 worth of SEO absolutely free. However, my team and I have only limited amount of time and can’t do SEO for everyone so this bonus will be taken down shortly. Luckily for you we still have spots and you can click below right now to reserve yours.

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Review of 100k Factory Revolution

100k factoryNow that I explained how eCommerce works let’s talk about how 100k Factory fits into all of this.

I’ve tested quite a few eCommerce courses and while some were better than others,nothing comes even close to Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton system.

These guys figured out how to get into eCommerce in the simplest and quickest way possible. In fact, their $100,000 per year  with only 1 site and 4 products speaks for itself.

Hundreds of students have already done that and started earning $269 per day in 60 days for less.

All it takes is the right strategy,  the will to success and the 3 phase system of 100k Factory.

Phase 1: Start selling physical products directly from vendors  without spending any of your own money. That means no need to empty the garage or buy storage rooms for the inventory you want to sell.  This also means no need spend your own money or get a loan.

Phase 2: Your store need traffic? Not all traffic is created equally for eCom, luckily Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have spend years on getting the prefect traffic that converts at 5% or more.

Phase 3: 4 products to $100k per year? That’s right the last phase will guide you to that $100,000 income per year with one simple website. If you want more all you have to is rinse and repeat.

So are you ready to earn more than $100,000 per year two months from now? If yes, than 100k Factory is the way to do it. Click below to get it and my bonuses.

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